I Wasn’t Prepared For…


Of course, the husband and I tried to ‘prepare’ the arrival of our little one by decorating her room, buying the necessities she’d need, buying what we need to make sure we had assistance as we had opted to not seek professional help (i.e. nanny) for now. However, there were a few things I wasn’t prepared for.

  • Sleep Deprived: those who knew me whilst in my pregnancy stage knows I slept like a bear in hibernation. Welcoming the little one definitely had me going around in circles – luckily her sleeping pattern is now semi established and she sleeps well through the night.
  • Fear of Failure: I had a bit of a scare in her first week – my breast milk was coming out, but she wasn’t latching on properly and thus got dehydrated. It was heartbreaking for me to see her be sick and made me feel like an ignorant mother. Ladies, your support system is everything in situations like these – my husband, parents and friends were so positive and had my back regardless of the tears I shed. Long story short, she’s well and is a milk monster now 😉
  • Chores: goodness, where do I begin? If it wasn’t for my parents, my place would look disgustingly horrible. I was quite active prior to giving birth, doing all chores by myself and being ‘independent’ that way. Enter the little one and I sometimes barely have enough time to shower or clean the house (I’d opt for sleep anytime!).
  • Love: you know the saying that you’ll love your husband more when you see him interact with your children? This is not fictional, it is factual. Of course I love my little girl more than life now, but your love for the people around you also grows. I appreciate and love my parents more as they’re still taking care of me. I love my husband more as he’s not only given the necessities to bring her into the world, but is willing to spend the time he used to play with his games now with the little one.

Just my top 4 things for now, as the list may be expanded later on. Motherhood, as my colleague said, is tiring yet rewarding. I’m probably still not prepared as to what’s to come in the future, but who is?

Lots of love 😉



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