Marsh-MELLOW Mood

Have you ever had one of those days where you just didn’t feel like… anything?

Yesterday was one of those days.

Between the waiting, anxiousness and just boredom, I felt empty, moody and snappy (perhaps it’s the hormones?). I tried to hold it in (and worked for a majority of the day) but by the end I felt drained and ready to snap at somebody. Easiest target? The husband (LOL).

Don’t worry, I didn’t snap. I just needed a pair of ears to listen to my worries and silly thoughts, who wouldn’t judge me or give me any ‘feedback’. Just a presence. And that’s what I received, and after 2 minutes I’m back to happy old me again.

I wanted to post this yesterday when all the cloudy swirls in my head was still there, but I thought better of it since I might rant about – everything. Ranting about ‘everything’ will  be a reflection of how ungrateful I am about what I have and the condition I’m in, hence why I stopped myself.

Yes, I use this blog to pour my thoughts and also views on certain things, but these types of days you just need a person that purely listens. I hope when you’re having these marshmellows, you realize that it’s just one day out of the many you go through to make you reflect and be grateful for your surroundings. And also, choose the right person to pour your heart to – wether it’s a good friend, a partner, or even a stranger to let your emotions free.




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