Anxious Anticipation

So I’m at my week-38 now, so the little one should be coming soon. I think.

The hubby and I (and grandma and aunties and uncles) were concerned since the last time we checked, the position she was in was head at the top and feet at the bottom (again) even though the week before that she was in the the ‘ready to go’ position.

Now, it’s all about the waiting game – and it sucks. I’m staying at home, kind of doing nothing and that makes your mind wander.

Will she be okay?

Will I be okay?

How will labour feel like?

Am I going to be a good parent considering… (insert insecurities here)?

And the list of questions goes on and on. My mum came to visit for a couple of days – she has to go back tomorrow since my dad is still sick and couldn’t come visit. She’s helped with shutting up those thoughts as she’s distracted me by being there for me to talk to and telling her own stories.

So yes – anxious anticipation indeed. Don’t be cheeky little one, everybody’s waiting.



Please check out artist (Vickie Wade) by clicking on image 😉




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