Weight Gain and Body Issues


Sorry for the absence – have been preparing for the little one and I couldn’t find a suitable topic that my fingers wanted to explore until this one. So I’m in my final weeks (hitting 35 weeks now) and the weight gain is amazing. I don’t mean that in a positive way, I meant like – 3kgs in 2 weeks. Baby is healthy, and I’m still within the ‘healthy weight gain’ range, but I’ve hit a weight in which I wanted to avoid if possible.

In total, I’ve gained 11kgs – which my obgyn says is very normal (ranges between 10-15kgs) and baby is also growing. Friends have also mentioned that it’s just my stomach that looks ready to burst, but haven’t really gone everywhere else.

Now that is comforting to hear, but you know us ladies – the scale matters. I’ve ‘complained’ and whinged to the hubby as well, but him being him (and wise too) says that it’s normal and as long as I lose it once Alex is here, he’s good. Even my mum (who’s usually vocal on weight gains when one is not pregnant), is quite chill with the weight I’ve gained.

This just made me reflect about once again, the pressure society has brought on to the ladies to the point where everyone around them doesn’t see an issue about their body image, but they’re still feeling the pressure and stressing themselves over it. I mean, we’re pregnant and weight gain is a necessity to ensure that both mum and bub is well, but at the back of our minds it’s such a scary thing as well as we worry about how to lose it, how to look good again, how to become attractive again for our husbands and so on.

The list will be another blog post if I continue.

So ladies, yes it’s hard to turn these thoughts around – especially about this topic. There’s so many demands from not only ourselves, but some people around us regarding our bodies and what is deemed to be attractive. One thing that helps is having a good partner that will support your goals – whether it’s losing the weight together, or supporting your efforts in the journey. Another is to say ‘f*ck you and your standards society’ and make sure your journey in gaining back your confidence about your body is purely based on you, not a third party.

Happy Tuesday!

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 12.58.34

This is #33weeks (now at 35!)


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