Ring-Around-The-Rosey #2


Follow up #2 to continue on with our topic. So now, from a male’s perspective. I haven’t had the chance to ask the husband about his thoughts since my hormones seemed to transfer to him whilst he’s sick, so he’s been moody and quiet. So, I’ll try to assume what’s in his brain about this one.

Male Perspective – Why is it important?

  • Ego: again, I think this comes back down to the culture of where you’re at. Just as I mentioned how it’s ‘image’ for ladies, something similar happens for the men as well. They don’t want to be deemed ‘unworthy’ or ‘not able’ when they don’t give this particular jewellery. In addition to that, in some cultures or environment the size of the rock equals… enter thought here.
  • Down Payment: this sounds like they’re buying their partners, but I’ll try to explain. I think in a certain period of time (read: hundreds of years ago), men gives the parents of their partner things like cows, sheep, horses etc. to let them know how much their daughters are worth and as a form of ‘down payment’ prior to the marriage. A similar thought may still linger nowadays, but of course now it’s in the form of jewellery and other costly goods instead of farm animals…
  • Making their girl happy: making us ladies happy isn’t hard. Really, I mean you just have to give us all your time, affection, attention, on top of taking us out on cool dates, give us a ring to bind us and propose at the right time. LOL. Anywho, in regards to this particular topic though, if they love their partner enough to notice the ‘signs’ or to realise when the time is right and what she’s expecting, men will be more than happy to provide all of these as they would think they’re worth it.

Now, this is just my two cents. I probably could elaborate further or more into detail, but I’m afraid that it’ll be boring, too long and frankly Alex is sucking out all of the brain power I have right now. Maybe after birth, brain and capability will increase to normal percentages. πŸ™‚



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