Ring-Around-the-Rosey #1

Fun Fact: Once you hit 3rd trimester, all your fingers look like thumbs and you can no longer wear jewellery without fear of it suffocating your finger.

The husband was asked by a colleague about rings the other day. I’m not speculating, but they might be thinking of proposing or at least going in that direction (duh). I’d like to give my two cents in about this, and see it from both male and female views about this sudden ‘tradition’ (I’d like to view it as a trend really) that’s currently up and happening right now.

Female Perspective – Why is it important?

  • Image: OK ladies, I might have to bring you down on this one. This may actually be one of the reasons why you’re expecting your man to go down on one knee. ‘Ooo she got a rock! / OMG look at her she got proposed to!’ and so on and so forth. Social media doesn’t help, as they blast this ‘trend’ out and target us ladies, creating expectations.
  • Expectation: Commencing from the previous point, due to what we see and possibly the people around us, there is a certain ‘standard’ or ‘expectation’ we want to have about this. In addition, in certain cultures it’s actually to fulfil expectation not from you ladies, but it even goes back to your parents (to show that he can), extended family members (to make those ‘aunties’ be quiet) and so on. You know which ethnicity I’m talking about right? 😐
  • A Gesture of Love: I feel like this is the right-est reason you should feel that a proposal is important. Based on the fact that after the months/years you’ve been together, this is a small form of gesture from your significant other that they are serious about your relationship and want to take it to the next level.

I’ll follow through with #2 once my head isn’t so lightheaded – been sick for 12 days isn’t fun. Again, this is just my two cents so if you don’t agree or feel offended… Move along now…



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