Positive Energy Does Exist!

So does the opposite πŸ˜‰

A group of friends and I had a weekend trip recently to the quirky yet charming city of Bandung, and we visited a serene location aptly named Wot Batu. Wot interprets to bridge, Batu means rock. That would be the end of my knowledge about this place as the philosophies were quite deep and details – you can check them out hereΒ for more info.

Screen Shot 2017-03-29 at 11.28.00

Taken from @jessicapangastu

Anyway, why does this place relate to the topic I’m writing about? At the end of our tour of the wonderfully zen place, we met with the creator himself – Mr. Sunaryo. In short, he gave a demonstration on how positive and negative energy can affect us. Not just mentally and psychologically, but physically as well.

This had me thinking about certain situations that I’ve been in (we’ve probably all been in actually). When we communicate with another person and they respond positively it makes us feel more refreshed. Some would describe it as making us feel ‘bouncy’ – perhaps quite literally as there’s a spring to our steps. Of course if we do the same in return, our colleagues and friends will feel the same way so it goes both ways.

However, the opposite happens as well and I’ve experienced it more than the positives. Is it because negativity is more impactful than positivity? Maybe. When we have a discussion with someone, talk face to face or even via chat – if we or they respond negatively it makes us want to stop the conversation or perhaps even limit our communication with these people (and vice versa if we’re doing it). For me personally, it takes a toll on me mentally which then makes me feel tired. At times, as someone whom these third parties trust we are suppose to help them get back up and become positive again. But if we ourselves are bombarded by negativity, our positive energy will slowly diminish if we’re not careful and become similarly negative and bitter.

Is that mean? I’m not sure. At a certain point, whomever is giving the negativity will need to realise the impact that they’re causing not only for the person they’re afflicting this to, but to themselves. It will create rifts in relationships, assumptions (these are usually bad), and perhaps even lead to jealousy as negative people tend to look at others who have it better than they do.

I feel I should stop here, since it may lead to other topics I might cover later on. But my intention for this post is – let’s try to exude positive energy as often and as much as we can. It won’t only impact the people we’re giving this to, but ourselves as well. Wouldn’t you be happy if you make other people feel happy? πŸ˜‰


Taken from here πŸ˜‰


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