Are You Appreciating your Partner?

Well, are you?

I’ve had this question mulling around my head for a few days and needed those few days to be able to come up with this post. I even asked the husband, does he think I appreciate him? I feel like it’s one of the questions you need to reflect on a daily basis (or as often as possible).

How do you appreciate your partner? It will differ between me and you, but I can give you two simple  pointers.

  1. Please, thank you and sorry.
    One of the basics that I’ll teach my kids as well. These words may seem simple, but has such a big effect. If you ask them to do something, please comes in handy. Once they’ve done it, thank you is inevitable. Sorry is definitely a must in your vocab to your partner – even if they’re wrong, saying this word will help cool things down first before you get into your discussion.
  2. Be happy with them.
    Ok this is broad, but let me try to give my two cents in. Be happy with how they are, how they act, how they’re trying their best to make you happy. Be thankful that you have been introduced to this person that completes you – maybe not in every way but if it’s more than 50% I’d say be happy. If you love and care for them, you’d be happy with compromising and returning favours. You won’t think about how happier other couples are or how others have it better. You chose them, they chose you, so why are you miserable about it?

It’s not much, but I feel it covers a lot on what’s on my mind right now. Appreciating your partner will be different for everyone, but I think these two are the basics. I had one of my girlfriends say that the grass is always greener on the other side, and ours seem like it’s dead or overgrown. But that’s just because we might forget to water it, or it hasn’t been mowed in a month or two.

Communicate, ask whether you’re giving them what they need and vice versa. It’ll make life have more rainbows than storms and definitely won’t lead to the ‘old and bitter’ couples we may see (this may be another story for another day). So, how bow dah? 😉



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