Why Celebrations are Losing Novelty

Happy Valentine’s Day!

At least, for those whom are celebrating. The husband and I just came back from a short trip to my home town, and we indeed realised that today will be Valentine’s day. However, for me personally there’s no more ‘excitement’ or anticipation on this particular date (or day, whichever you’d like to go with).

I spoke this out loud and he just answered with a ‘yea’, no additions or comments. It makes me wonder, why celebrations are losing it’s novelty or that special feeling of giddiness. I’m not limiting this to just Valentine’s, but even birthdays, anniversaries (we’ll see in a couple of months) and just general ‘big’ days that we were so excited about when we were younger.

Being the curious being I am, I delved deeper as to why it’s come to this. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the day I was born, or the day that my husband asked me out and what-not. I do, but perhaps it’s much more than that now. Once we’ve lived together, it’s come to my attention that the little things we do for each other everyday is a loud signage to say that ‘yes, I love you and care for you’. It doesn’t have to be in the form of presents, flowers, jewellery or any other form. I think that’s why the feeling of the ‘novelty’ wears off, as we feel it everyday in the presence of our loved ones.

A perfect example is that, today was quite a long day due to the traffic (yay Jakarta traffic). I came home, and he gave me a hug saying I look like and sound like I need one. Such a simple gesture, but humbling and warming indeed.

So couples, surprises and gifts are nice but make sure you don’t take your partners for granted. Appreciate them and make everyday feel like Valentine’s, their birthdays or whichever special occasion comes to mind – or at least a part of their day anyway 😉

Good night!



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