Husbands – Best Anticipator for Motherhood

Ok, I realize I’m probably being biased here. But I truly feel (and I’m saying this in a grateful sense) that our husbands are the best person that truly prepares us wives to become mothers. Although not all of you are like this, but mine I think is a person that will prepare me for the atomic change that is yet to come. How, you say? Well, let me explain.

  • Chores: not his thing. I have to ask (numerous times), nag, whinge, beg and sometimes babytalk him into doing the chores we divided amongst each other. And they’re not a lot (IMHO). So, I’d probably have the same experience with le bub later on once they’re able to talk back to me. #criesincorner
  • Favours: Ok again, I’m not outing him out on this. But being the ‘man’ of the house, he does things that in the beginning makes me talk back or complain. But after realizing that I enjoy doing favours for him (simple yet repetitive), I’ve come to realise that that’s one of the things he needs me for. So, why not?
  • Restlessness: this may only be applicable from the second trimester up to when your child is 18 years old. The husband? He snores, which sometimes doesn’t let me go back to sleep straight away when I wake up in the middle of the night. Results the next morning vary due to one’s mood.What is the correlation you may ask? Well, I hear you won’t be getting enough sleep in the first few years, the next few you won’t want to, and by the time they reach teenagehood you’ll need to. #anothercryingincornermemehere
  • Tantrums: I understand that how you raise your child will have more to do with this outbreak in behaviour. But I think tantrums can range from very mild behaviour (such as pouting) to screaming, crying their eyes out and possibly physically hitting you. No, my husband does not do the latter – although it will be quite an entertainment. He just does the former when he doesn’t get things like, LEGO or instant noodles when he feels like it. #partypooper
  • Love: I’ve received unabundant love from the hubby even before we said ‘I do’ (lucky me) but even from now I’m feeling even more loved from the bub. According to my pregnancy app, they recognize your voice at this age #22weeksandcounting so she’s starting to respond to me (thank goodness) whenever I speak to her. At least, she doesn’t need me to repeat my sentences when I talk to her (yet).

So, do you agree/disagree? If you have any more inputs, feel free to let me know as I’d love your take on this 😉

Happy weekend readers!

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