How Infidelity Affects You…

This is probably a topic that I don’t want to post too often since it may be different for everyone. How does cheating affect you? If you’re lucky enough, you never had to go through this experience as the giver of receiver of this action. But some are not so lucky, and repercussions range from forgiveness to separataion.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I have been on the sidelines of this behaviour as a viewer first, receiver later. Initially, I thought ‘how can someone do that to someone they claim to love and care for?’ It’s bizarre, contradictive and downright atrocious if I were to judge. But once I grew older and understood the things life gives in your plate, I was less judgemental and tried to see it from both perspectives.

What about my experience? Well, the relationship at the time I thought was serious. But due to these circumstances it probably wasn’t. How did it affect me?

  1. My self-esteem was next to nothing.
  2. I blamed myself as to what happened, even though I was the ‘victim’.
  3. I considered many self-harming ways to end the hurt, but considered the ones I loved that did not betray me.
  4. I was insecure about everything.

Mentioned in my previous post, I may seem prickly and a dominant, strong being. But in reality, I am from the more feminime sex and therefore try to project what I want to do instead of doing it. As I reflect back on how it was, I understood why I had to go through this unpleasant experience.

I hold grudges and too often, that isn’t healthy. I remember things and don’t forget, which is probably why God gave me this experience to teach me more about forgiveness and humility. Cause at the end of the day, all was forgiven (to both parties) and we are all living happily – I am, I don’t know about them.

People may go through this experience and feel jaded and dramatize it as to say ‘I will never fall in love again’. I’ve heard many say it, but to me this just means that you need to love better, become better so when you are with the next person it will be like a breathe of fresh air. A new start.

So I’ll try to say some encouraging words – to you that have been in this delicate and unpleasant position, trust me you are worthy of something more. This is probably the way of the universe to plan a new adventure with someone worthy and deserving of your love.

To the giver of this action, I really don’t have any nice words so I’ll be quiet and wish you all the best of luck πŸ™‚



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