Filtering Thoughts and Words

via Daily Prompt: Filter

A bit of a late daily prompt post, due to the Lunar New Year. Hope everybody had a blast to those that celebrated.

Introductions aside, I have come to a realisation that in our technology-filled world nowadays, it’s very easy to make your opinions sound and very loud. Those of us that usually keeps our thoughts and words to ourselves, or limited to very few friends, can now spread it to the whole wide world.

I find that if it is to spread positivity, encouragement and ‘healthy’ criticism (this one has a very fine line), I personally am more than happy to read, receive and respond. I try to do that with my writing and posts; even though there’s a disclaimer in my home page about my sarcasm and dark-humour.

I believe that too much of something is never good – whether it’s too much of the same food, drinks up to political and religious views. I say this since whenever I open my social media, a lot of what’s being posted or talked about are these topics. Fortunately (or unfortunately) I try to scroll past these as I don’t think it has/will affect me in any major way. In addition to that, I don’t understand why people are so passionate about spreading hate about certain people/groups/religions/etc.

Yes, it’s fine to state your opinion as I state mine. I just hope that more and more people will use filters not only for their Instagram posts, but also what they publish. I think it’s wise to be cautious about what you post, in case it my come and bite you in the behind later on.

Happy Monday!




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