via Daily Prompt: Devastation

dev·as·ta·tion – severe and overwhelming shock or grief.


When people describe their experience about devastation, those who are listening may not know or understand the extent of this feeling. Yes, as above you can google the meaning and understands what the word means, but to fully apprehend it one will need to understand how it feels.
My first true experience of devastation, was when I lost a close friend of mine a few years back. We had a ‘group’ consisting of the 4 of us that usually goes everywhere together and at one point bought several matching (economically friendly) polo shirts together. This went on up to the point that third parties may have thought my friend and I were more than just friends since he and I were the closest.
I lost him due to cancer. It feels selfish to say ‘I’ when he had family members, a girlfriend and other friends. But at one point, I had selfishly said and felt that I lost him like he was a part of me. I cried my eyes out, at the funeral service, at every stage of the journey up until I can no longer see him with my own eyes. It was a feeling I couldn’t describe at the time as I mentioned before, it was my first experience.
Upon reflecting several months later, I realised why we feel this way when events such as this happens. The first thing was, I regretted that I wasn’t there in his final moments to say my apologies for any hurt that I’ve caused. The thing with friendship, or any relationship is that there will always be the good, but also the bad times; fights, angry words lashed out and silence. I was also at a stage in my life where new experiences were happening and resulted in less time to see him.
The other thing was the thought that I wouldn’t be able to see him again. Not in body anyway – the first few months whenever I prayed I always mentioned him and talked to him like he was right in front of me. But just the comforting thought that I can see him or talk to him whenever I wanted to. What I’m trying to say is, a habit that I’m used to is demolished because of this devastating event.
Devastation is not a pleasant thing to face, but everyone will experience it one way or another through a series of different events. But in a way, I believe that you will need to know this feeling to not only be empathic to those that are facing this right now, but to be appreciative of our situation and the people around us.
Have a happy week people!

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