Being Grateful – Why so Difficult?

Maybe that was how we were programmed, as we endlessly compare ourselves to those that are in better situations, sees flaws in our current state and never-ending complaints about what could have been. I’m posting this not as a reminder to myself to always be happy and grateful for what I have. As some may say, other people have it worse (much worse) than you so stop the complaint. Actually, that’s the husband’s voice I hear in my head.

There’s so many articles and posts on my social media about being grateful. At times, yes it is difficult when you are overcoming a challenge that you think, ‘man, I wish I was this person’ or ‘I wish I was in a better state’. But the important thing is to actually be able to overcome that negativity and pessimism and be happy you’re still breathing, have a presence in this world and just be.

Most recently, I came across a colleague where they are in a situation that I cannot imagine in my life I can ever be in. Not because I couldn’t, but because I don’t know if I would have survived and still smiled and be cheerful the way they were considering their current predicament. After our catch up and chats, we went home (my husband was there) and there was a short silence when we entered the car. I think both of us were reflecting on our situation and realizing that yes, there are people that has it much worse but still has the ability to be cheerful and speak of their troubles as they see it. They didn’t complain the way I would have with a much more miniscule issue, but rather tell it as it is and continue on. I think it’s so empowering in knowing people in these situations.

Why? It’s a gentle (or a slap in the face) reminder that whatever we are facing, we can get through it. No, really, we can. Perhaps it links to my rant about how our generation is spoilt that every little thing we face that’s not according to our comfortable standards seems like such a boulder in our life journey. But when we see and hear about these stories and experiences, it makes us think how petty it is to rant over something so small (over social media too) when we can use that time to just be and continue on with our lives.

Have a great week everybody and stay safe 🙂



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