What have I achieved in 2016?

First of all, I hope that you all had a safe New Year’s celebration and started this year with a bang. I’ve been seeing things like resolutions for the new year, what is expected to be done within this year, and so on. But I was questioned about my achievement in the past year. What did I achieve?

Well, mine does not brag of any career-defining, financially-boosting achievements. Mine was more to my own goals that I believe have made me become better. For example, I only had one breakdown in the process of planning my wedding. ONE. I think a lot of my colleagues saw and feared I may become a bridezilla and chomp on everyon’s arses until the wedding day. But fortunately, it was just a bad day and patience was not my friend at that time which resulted in the semi-tantrum/breakdown.

So first achievement was that, I got married. I am now with (as my husband titles it) ‘the love of my life’, my partner. So far, marriage-life isn’t as daunting as some people have said it to be so there’s a plus point. Secondly, I’m expecting. What more of an achievement do I need? I am bearing my third love of my life (husband won’t accept not being the first after God) and so far it’s going well. Mild sickness and lethargy in the first trimester, but up to full speed. One hormonal breakdown that happened around this time of the day a couple of weeks ago – maybe late nights and not enough sleep has that effect.

To some, this may not be an achievement. It may be something that is supposed to have happened. But for me personally, it has been a pretty, but rough journey so I would say my union and my bundle of joy is definitely an achievement.

How about for you guys?




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