Gadgets – a problem?

As we get older, accompanied with enhanced gadgets here and there, it seems that it may cause more harm than good. Note the word ‘seem’. For instance, we’re so attached to our gadgets that communicating and having emotional bonds may seem irksome at a point.

I remembered a time when I probably annoyed everyone around me by asking all sorts of curious questions about this and that. I was still in primary school and we had real ‘lunch dates’ with groups of people, talking about how life would be in the next few years, our crushes, periods for girls (don’t know what you boys talk about) and so on. Now, when people ask us questions we tend to get irritated and think ‘why not Google? Why not find out for yourself? Your gadget is a powerful thing.’ Some will say it will become a problem if you make it one.

I am one of those people that is attached to my phone, main reasoning right now is due to my work. But in a month’s time, that won’t be applicable anymore. The husband and I try to remind each other whenever we’ve ignored each other too long – sometimes we can only hear the TV or radio or air conditioner on whilst browsing on our phones/laptops.

Relating to emotional bonds, because we are used to communicating over our gadgets, sometimes relationships with parents and friends become strained. Another example, I feel that too much time spent with loved ones sometimes feels overwhelming. How f*cked is that? Sorry for the obscenity, but you get my point. Time with family is suppose to be good, even the bickering, arguing and all that. But with the addition of this item, it may cause more distance than not.

Just my random post for tonight – the husband read the title and wholesomely agreed that yes, it’s causing a bit of trouble. But, I guess if you are able to find balance or even a solution for this, it won’t be.

What are your thoughts?




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