Preparing for Motherhood

I’m quite drained today actually, ever since I woke up and wanted to just lay in bed. Not sure why, maybe too many thoughts in my head and things to do.

I want to ask this question out loud to not just mothers (to avoide being gender specific) but just anyone that has dealt with becoming a parent. How did you guys prepare? To some of you that may know me, you know that I’m very laid back and haven’t even started reading to prepare myself for what is to come. Maybe too laid-back? I’ve spoken to colleagues and family members here and there, but at the end of the day it comes back to my own understanding of what it is to become a mother. I just want a little bit of input on how to face the ‘usual’ challenges – if any challenge is ever usual.

I’ve heard and read about baby blues, boredom, stress and even depression. I am positive that I shouldn’t be heading in this direction, as I ‘enforced’ my self on husband with the idea of wanting a child straightaway (insert: laugh). But just the little things – how much work was it? How was the balancing of me-time, the child and your husband?

Actually, I had a realization yesterday – being married prepared me for motherhood. My SO is the type that will require and request assistance when wanted and I am more than happy to oblige. He might disagree as sometimes I say no to things, but 95% of the time I acknowledge what he needs and takes care of it. So perhaps, husbands are the greatest being to prepare you for motherhood.

Sorry for the short post – as mentioned, exhausted.


P.S. my blob at 13 weeks (don’t know if a he/she yet) 😀


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