Daily Prompt: Relax

via Daily Prompt: Relax

It’s a bit ironic that when I wanted to do a post about this topic, it’s very very noisy and quite distracting outside my place.

I feel that when it needs to come to telling somebody to ‘relax’, it means that I have felt they are in the brink of a mood change. Whether it’s changing to anger, irritation, or even sadness, this word is the beginning of how I show comfort to my peers. It will follow with my ears to listen to their woes, or even my opinions when they ask for it.

Another thing I associate with this word is your tate of mind. Like how I’m handling my pregnancy at the moment – colleagues have commented that I’m very ‘relaxed’ or ‘chill’ about what I’m doing and how I’m facing the changes that is happening or is to come. I think having this state of mind will divert you from being scared to the point of paranoia if something did happen. ‘Go with the flow’, they say.

So, let’s enjoy these final hours of the day, and relax. 🙂552884c07edf9302100e22dd9c5d2503


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