Are we a spoiled generation?

On my way home today, I made small talk with my husband about his work and how intricate it is. This was to help him fight off his sleepiness first and foremost, (as he was driving and I want to arrive home in one piece) but also to let him tell me more about what he does. I only know bits and bobs when he’s on the phone with his employees or sub-contractors.

Anyhow, after around 20-minutes into his work-related topic, I realised how difficult his position is and the amount of work he has to put in to achieve what he has achieved up until this point. No, I’m not bragging that he works harder than others; I want to clarify that he really has been putting all his effort into his job and were rewarded with his achievements (I am also rewarded with his efforts, thank you).

After hearing all that, I asked the above question – are we a spoiled generation? How did this question come to mind and what is the connection with my first two paragraphs? Firstly, it’s probably because I’ve been having a rough few days from work due to ‘difficult’ situations and I’ve been whining and whinging about it. To everyone. As we women (or everyone) does when we are in need of comfort and agreement. After hearing his story about work, the question definitely came up. Secondly, it was a random question that came into my head (sorry, no big philosophical epiphany).

His answer? ‘You are, I’m not’. Upon this answer, I felt a bit offended and slightly hurt that he would think of me as spoiled (you may insert laughter here) but I had a nagging feeling that I am and he’s not. Maybe it’s how we were raised up differently, or the different schools we went to, or even the different majors we took at University. Nevertheless, I think he was referring more to my mentality about facing problems and hence, spoiled is embedded on my forehead. Sigh.

He probably saw the offense on my face and didn’t want to hurt my feelings further when he added, ‘Perhaps it’s because of the industry you’re in, as it’s way different than mine,’. Now, at this point I womanned (is that a word?) up and realised that yes, our generation (including myself) consists a large percentage of ‘spoiled’ people that has been shielded from basic issues that creates weak mentality. I even heard of  a case where a student gave in to suicide as they thought that their major was ‘too hard’.

At this point in my life, it’s probably too late to change how my thoughts and feelings are processed. I react in a certain way when things don’t go my way (read: spoiled) but on my good days, of course I try to be more and become better. As a woman carrying a little blob in my uterus however, this makes me think about what I should and shouldn’t do so that my kid will grow up with a ‘I can deal with this sh*t’ mentality. Maybe it’s chores, or not giving them every toy they want, or access to gadgets prior to the age of 21 – is this extreme?

Yes, we are spoiled. But hopefully us ‘spoiled’ people realise how toxic this attitude and mentality can be and not teach this to our kids so they will become better versions of us.


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